Feature list

Version: August 2021

Regular support

Interactive online documentation directly accessible in the app
Standard online support for all users
Extended support and personal meetings for key users
Reliable cloud hosting with unlimited data storage

Core features

Support of any set of languages for all customer interfaces and communication
Process based user roles and application philosophy
Centralised registry of all customers data
Registry of all used services by your customers (both short-term and long-term)
CRM and tasks management linked to records
Complete management of all revenues and billing fulfilling your local legal requirements
Real-time reports, including automated exports
Support for multiple legal entities
Support for multiple locations
Online space for a community

Installation assistance

Consultancy on how to set the accounting rules according to your local legal requirements
Initial import of service list and price list
Branding of document templates (PDFs, emails) according to your graphic identity rules
Import of data from spreadsheets or another software (for free)
Initial team trainings (online or personal)

Users and teams

Detailed user roles system to control responsibilities
Grouping users to team to assign group responsbilities/notifications
Assignment of customers to primary contacts (responible sales)
Personalised email signatures incl. photo
Two-factor password reset

Space configuration, email and document templates

WYSIWYG editor of all email templates
Setting of sending email addresses for each template/location
Buttons with auto-login feature (to point to community app pages or forms)
Personalisation of the emails (salutation, variables)
Custom attachments for each template
Using Huble on your own domains or subdomains (with SSL)
Custom translations of any texts on the customer interfaces
Setup of opening hours

Contacts and companies registry

Registry of customers (companies and contacts)
report editor to list with custom conditions
Mass email send to any list of contacts/customers
Grouping of companies and contacts to have different price/services rules
Segmentation of companies and contacts with custom tags
Support of multiple departments under one company (to have different billing presets per department)


Products lists supporting any kind of product
Tariffs (coworking membership, workspace or office rentals)
Custom cancellation policies for each service
Long term service (billed periodicly)
Single billed services (billed once)
Customization of supported additional services (incl. conditions under which the services can be ordered)
Mandatory services added automatically
Rules for setting mandatory/unallowed combinations (eg. virtual membership and some long-term services)
Managing customers with 24/7 access (allowing extended range of calendars etc.)

Prices and discounts

Custom pricelist for each service, location and customer group
Scheduling price change for future
Discounts based on tariff
Discounts based on contact group
Different prices based on contract lengths (for long-term services)
Support of pro-rated price for long-term services

Handling orders

Generating offer PDFs for services and online authorisation
Possibility of manual confirmation of orders ordered online
Possibility of manual confirmation of orders ordered online

Room reservations, calendars

Daily, weekly and monthly calendars of all spaces/locations
Booking tool for both members and customers
Additional services form
Sending offer PDF and online authorisation
Collection of deposit payment (custom %)
Login for customers to manage their bookings
Different room setups including extra fees for setups
Repeated and multi-day reservations
Automatic sending of feedback forms
Space utilization report
Notifications about waiting confirmations, offers and other tasks
Image gallery for spaces
WIFI vouchers for visitors (when using UniFi hotspots)
Extar fees for late, ASAP booking, cleaning etc.

Free units

Free units or credits based on tariff or group
Individually assigned free units/credits
Free credits based on credit note
Exclude individual order from credit/free hours

Equipments, hand-over protocols and deposits

Records about usage of equipment and resources, linking services to equipment
Collecting and returning deposit workflow
Reports of which resource is used by which customer (eg. offices, mail boxes, workplaces)
Hand-over protocols sent and signed online

Tariffs and contracts

Generating PDF contracts incl. online signature
Automated sending updates of contracts
Managing offline and online welcome sessions
Management of custom list of consents (contract checkboxes)
Billing of day passes
Managing shared office plans and fixed workplaces
Support of custom lists of additional services for each tariff
Personalised welcome email
Custom terms of use or data privacy documents and consents texts
Contracts renewal with notifications

Online spaces for communities and intake

Public intake form to sell plans online
Securing special plans/groups with secret codes
Possible manual verification of new members
Form to fill in personal profile and project details
Customizable questions and fields of the company/contact profiles
Community online space for members
Changing of membership and cancellation
Sending mass emails and announcements
List of community events and subscription form
Event ticket selling microsite
Member presentation management (wall cards)
Online members wall
Notifications for members to update old or incomplete profiles
Custom pages and menu entries
Regular feedback forms
Job offers feed (moderated)
Browse community to search profiles of other members
List of profiles of custom community groups members (mentors etc.)
Grouping contacts to groups of interests (eg. mentors)
Form to join group of interest (w. customizable fields)
Messaging between members (without exposing private contacts)
Sending invitation to connect two or more members together
Report of birthdays and membership anniversaries
Recording community engagement on contact profile

Promo campaigns

Promo codes on intake form
Temporary price changes (promotions)
Promo codes on booking form

Website integrations

Button links for booking tool (with pre-selection of spaces)
Button links for intake form (with pre-selection of services)
Support of UTM parameters to track customer sources
Link for login to community space (members)


Support for both date-of-billing and date-of-service revenue reporting
Monthly revenue report
Monthly income (cash-flow) report
Payments list
Community engagement report
Report of new and leaving members, updates and upgrades
New customers and deals by source/promo
Customers by revenue
List of issued accounting documents
List of provided services

Billing, invoices and accounting

Quick receipt (items paid on the desk)
Launch invoice manually for an order
Bulk billing (generate invoices for all uninvoiced orders)
Support for different VAT rates
Support for reverse charge VAT rates ( for region of EU)
Displaying secondary currency on the invoice
Export of accounting data (invoices and invoice items) for your accounting system
Correction receipts and credit receipts
Deposit invoices
Ability to keep some deposit categories outside standard revenues reporting
Custom accounting codes for each service
Automated grouping of orders into one invoice
Hiding suborders into one invoice items
Pre-paying more periods of long-term service together
Correction of invoices with receipts and credit notes
Locking of accounting documents (invoices, receipts) to prevent changes
Services can be marked to be billed in external software (invoice is not sent from Huble)
Support for tax deductions (decreasing payable value of invoice)
Multiple accounting documents number series
Support for Factura de Locacao ( for region of Brazil)


Manual recording of payments (cash, card machine etc.)
Cancelling payments and using - credits for future invoices
Customizable payment methods list
Automated sending of payment receipts (after receiving of payment)
Automated pairing of payments with invoices
Payment with Boleto (auto-paired) ( for region of Brazil)
QR code payment ( for region of Czechia)
Swiss QR code payment ( for region of Switzerland)

Debtors and unpaid invoice reminders

Unpaid invoices notifications (email, SMS, PDF)
Custom formal documents with debt summary (PDF)
Blocking of debtors to rent rooms or special conditions
Debt write-off accounting documents

Tasks and notes

Setting custom task for user/team depending on action (order created, change of status etc.)
Notes for all main records (companies, contacts, invoices, orders, spreadsheet rows)
Ability to convert note to a task releated to user/team
List of tasks assigned to current user
Adding attachments to contacts and other objects
Recording meeting, call or another activity on contact profile

Online forms

Online form editor
Support for event ticket selling/registration forms
Integration of payment (incl. generation of legal receipt)
Multi-page forms support
Saving of submits into spreadsheets
Emails/PDF follow-ups
Selector of products/schedules linked to services list


Public forms (lead collection) with data connection to spreadsheets
Import of data from CSV
Editor of record stages (eg. for sales pipeline) for each spreadsheet
Funnel report (incl. historization) of spreadsheet with configured stages
Custom offer documents with online signature

Data export

Personalised format of tabular data export
Exposing selected reports as secured CSV/JSON data sources (to be used in other apps)

Data quality and cleanup

Reporting of invalid email addresses (email bounces)
Duplicities detection and solving tool
Monthly check of the data and processes in your Huble

Integrations and apps

Regular import of printer usage (prints) and billing of the services
Presence control based on WIFI data (UniFi, Meraki)
Guests registration form before connecting to WIFI
Integration of local payment gate for immediate payments (card) and direct debit
Synchronisation of data to Impact Hub Global community app
Synchronisation of list of members to MailChimp (including segmentation)
App to order+deliver meals and tablet interface for the kitchen/bar service
Synchronisation of members and customers data to HubSpot
API to access community data and perform actions of contacts (booking, change membership)
Export of meeting rooms events to Google Calendars
Automated/manual import of access card/keys data (to calculate presence of customers)
Tablet app for displaying info about a room/space
Guest and event participant check-in tablet app
Synchronisation of members and customers data to RD Station
Synchronisation with Salesforce (completely custom)
Generation and emission of NFSe ( for region of Brazil)
Generating valid e-invoices via software Alegra ( for region of Colombia)
Generating valid e-invoices via software Moloni ( for region of Portugal)

Personal data processing standards compliance

Orders and contacts data anonymization
Contacts data removal (permanent)
Auto-anonymization of contacts and presence logs
Download of all stored data related to any contact